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Innovative selling plans, empowered by social promotion built on intelligent technologies

E-Commerce like nothing before!


E-commerce is the world leading new model of shopping for both corporate and customers. And to be successful in e-commerce you need to be different and unique. DOOZ Deals was developed to launch a new selling mechanism that allows users to get advantage of best products or services prices according to their preference.

Fresh, dynamic, colorful design that invites users to experience new shopping style

  • Multiple purchase options
  • Unique design and features
  • Flawless user experience
  • Social promotion

Business objectives

New price concept

Customers will have the options to choose from immediate purchase option (retail price) or bid for a further discounted price (Group / Wholesale price) that will materialize once the time and minimum number of buyers are reached.

Regional & global brand

The aim of the DOOZ Deals is to become a global brand that serves various markets. It is initially developed to easily serve this broader scope.

Ahead of competition

Succent studies of local and regional current e-commerce platforms was conducted. DOOZ Deals is built to be a leader and a head of any competition. The features, logics, solutions are assurance of quality.

Successful technology

DOOZ Deals was fully developed in Europe with technical and advisory team in the Middle East. It is based on an inhouse CMS that have launched more than 150 successful e-commerce websites and mobile apps worldwide.

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The mobile apps

iOS & Android mobile application

To use a mobile app you must love it first. We made sure the mobile version of DOOZ Deals is really different and ahead of other e-commerce platforms.

Main features

  • Simple and intuitive UI/UX responive App Design
  • Advanced Search Feature Options
  • Multi-device syncrhonisation system
  • Messaging and user engagement system
  • Targeted Push notifications system
  • QR code Scanner Integration
  • Google maps and Social Media Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Extensive Cross-platform Coverage
  • Compliance with GeneralData Protection Regulation
  • Advanced Analytics & Performance Monitoring
  • Feedback / Reward systems
  • Advanced security mechanism

Mobile screenshots

The mobile apps are very intuitive, simple, flexible, fast loading and secure. We use most of the latest mobile development features so we can offer a very good user experience.

The web app

To be complete and comprehensive, a special website is ready to be launched. It gives users a different comfort and extension of joyful shopping experience.

  • Friendly and Responive Web App
  • Multi-level administration panels
  • Powerfull development environment
  • Multi level of security
  • Fully compatible with browsers
  • Multi-currency / multi-country / multi-payment
  • Active promoting management
  • Powerfull search options
  • Options for single/group shopping
  • Gift shopping mechanism
  • Active promoting management
  • Active reward mechanism

Web app screenshots


The solution

To come up with a unique e-commerce platform like DOOZ Deals, we used the most advanced technology and solutions.


  • Programming languages: php/mysql/js/css
  • Develompment framework: CodeIgniter


  • Programming language: Dart
  • Development environment: Flutter (powered by Google)

Nevertheless, while creating DOOZ Deals, the prime consideration was to develop the entire features and logics internally by our inhouse team in an intention to reduce any 3rd party dependencies.

Dashboards & apps

For admins, users, vendors, the following have been developed

  • Main system backend (Admin and data entry users)
  • User dashboard: All shoppers can login to their personal dashboard and accounts.
  • Vendors dashboard: To view own offers, reports…etc
  • Vendor verification apps : To be used by supplier staff to verify and scan codes at the time of consumption

Dashboard app screenshots


DOOZ Deals have included various features that allow all users to get advantage of any competition

Multiple markets

The initial plan for DOOZ Deals is to be a multinational e-commerce platform that operates in various countries. Expand your business and start operating in various markets.


The platform is built to support multiple languages for every market. Speak the language of your customer to reach them effectively.

Multiple currency

Users have the options to use their currency to buy with based on their locations and preference.


Cash or Credit card. Options are set for activation. The platform was also built on technology that supports payment gateways for multiple locations.

Tech support

It is our commitment to transfer knowledge and extend technical support before and during operation. It is hassle free with a guaranteed speedy resolution that does not affect business operations.

Maximize revenue

Generate more revenue through activating various ready-to-go marketing tools and techniques. (Advertising banners, vendor listing, Special promotions)

Dynamic filters

For both the frontend and the backend, multiple levels of filers and selections were developed to allow users to quickly and smoothly reach their search results.

Categories & subs

Each product or service can be listed and categorized under various menu taps. It also works as marketing tool (Exclusive Deals, Deals of the Day, Best Sellers, Coming Soon)

Indpendant reward program

Shoppers will be rewarded with DD points in various ways such as when they place an order, or when registering into the system and other. The program aim to create great values for active and engaging clients.

Voucher generation and verification

All purchases are autogenerate a unique QR code that can be verified and used at the time of service booking time.

Intelligent promotion

Listed services and products are well described and supported by various types of photography and videos that will allow users to be well reminded of their viewing history.

Communication tool

DOOZ Deals have also developed its own mass email marketing campaign tool. It allows administrators to send directly and periodically various offers and promotions to all subscribers of the newsletter.

Beyond the deal

Discover how can we assist you further!

Maintenance & development

Stay calm and outsource the maintenance task to our experts and developers, those developed the platform themselves. It is not an extra investment, it is an operational mandate that helps your business continuation with a guaranteed zero interruptions and solution off-times.

You can also request further features to be added to the platform. Although, it is an open source technologies, but we remain very pleased to assist with any enhancement.

We can help you to set up your business, build your team, allocate responsibilities, and contract vendors and train all stakeholders.

The HYPE Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing agency. We are experts in marketing, communication, and public relations. We set strategies & plans and execute deliverables so ensures best market penetrations, position, brand awareness and ROI.

Because there will be a time when vendors and service providers will contact you continuously to be part of DOOZ Deals, we created a simple steps that allow them to provide details about their services and products with their contact details so you can decide when and how to close deals with them

Identity pack

A ready comprehensive identity, look and feel, brand guidelines is well prepare and developed for immediate roll-out.